Jamie Van

Jamie Van, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

– LPC 5951

Since 2002 I have worked as a helping professional in many different capacities. My  work experiences have led me through homeless shelters, substance abuse treatment centers, mentoring programs, and inpatient psychiatric hospitals. In these various settings, I realized how
one on one therapeutic relationships can be inspiring and have deep healing potential. These professional experiences, coupled with my own positive counseling experiences, is how I found my calling as a psychotherapist.

I graduated from Naropa University in May 2015 with an MA in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology. I was drawn to this university due to the Eastern Psychology, Buddhist, and Mindfulness Meditation focus- primarily, how we can incorporate these theories with our Western Medicine. Upon graduation, I moved back to my home state of Idaho and started my private practice the fall of 2015.

In my counseling practice, I most commonly utilize Transpersonal Theory, Gestalt, and Mindfulness. This framework is helpful to strengthen intuition, body awareness, and deepen one’s insight of their emotions. My perspective views all aspects of human experience as real, valid, and that we are all undeniably interconnected as we move through our lives. I enjoy utilizing the ‘here and now’ to develop understanding between one’s internal and external world.

Through these understandings, our system of beliefs can be illuminated which gives important information regarding how we move through the world. Utilizing Mindfulness during counseling sessions allows for practicing practical ways we can potentially effect our neurobiology by observing our somatic (physical) sensations. My belief is that overall mental health can be achieved once our mind, body, and spirit is in alignment within ourselves.

On a personal level, I spend my free time reading, hiking, exploring various mindfulness practices, watching comedies, traveling, and connecting with loved ones.

Services Provided: Individual and Couples Counseling
Specialty or Special Interest: Adult depression, anxiety, mood disorders, grief and trauma
Fees for Service: $85-$120 per session, most insurance accepted. Please contact your insurance
plan to see if I am in network.

If you would like to make an appointment with Jamie, please call her at 208-850-9186.