Audrey Mitchell, LCSW



Audrey Mitchell

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Services Provided: Supportive counseling.

Specialty or Special Interest: Though my passion is depression, I have worked extensively with anxiety, panic disorder, chronic illness, end-of-life, life transition, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, spirituality, and LGBTQ issues. I welcome any challenge. There is great power in the gift of hope. I would like to offer this to you.

Fee for Service: 120-150/hr. I accept cash, Blue Cross, Select Health, Aetna and Medicare.

I was called to do this work. From an early age, I have experienced a burning desire to help people that are experiencing distress, heartache and loss. I started my education in the 90’s at Boise State University while waiting tables and navigating the complexities of a late adolescence. Despite a few unforeseen hiccups, I managed to be accepted into the Honors College and maintained Dean’s List status until I received my bachelor of science in psychology in 2007. At that time, I decided to pursue my masters in social work, as I felt its versatility and tender-hearted mission was in alignment with my values. I also wanted to work in healthcare, as I had brushed death a few times given post-pregnancy complications. This experience provided me with a new understanding and empathy for people fearing the unknown and managing chronic pain. Though these challenges were temporary, they impacted me greatly.

In school, I selected internships at Garden City Community Clinic, working with at-risk populations that were uninsured and battling mental health challenges, made worse with poverty. I then transitioned to working in the NICU at St. Luke’s hospital working with premature babies and their families. Upon graduation in 2010, I took my first social work position at a local hospice agency and had the pleasure and challenge of working with dying patients and their families for three years. Nothing could be more intimate than sharing birth or death with a family. I have been blessed to do both. After years of working with the dying, I transitioned to the living! I began working with patients at a rehab that had suffered a cardiac event, or live with chronic lung disease. Working as the primary counselor for this clinic for 4 ½ years, I was given the opportunity to assist patients in recovery while working through depression, anxiety, loss of purpose, and adjustment to disability. Though the majority of my patients have been older adults, I have also worked with younger patients with congenital anomalies as well. In these last four years, I have gained tremendous skill in applying intervention techniques to those suffering from depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, personality disorders of all kinds, ADHD, life-transition, grief, and health coaching using motivational interviewing techniques. My personal transition to private practice has been a dream come true. The opportunity to build long-term relationships and see healing unfold over time is nothing short of miraculous to me. Few are able to say they love their job. I am truly blessed.

Outside of my work life, I have the pleasure of raising my tween daughter while supporting her passion for Broadway musicals, which is extensive. My golden retriever named Maslow, is a delightful companion that is happy to meet anyone with a wag and a smile. I have been working on my blog Audrey’s Peace of Mind for about two years. I offer educational articles on mental health topics with humor and humble reflection, promoting the practice of mindfulness and gratitude as the foundation to emotional wellness. I have also been guest author on multiple sites including Huffington Post, Thought Catalog, and BlogHer. In the coming year, I plan to continue work on my book which is focused on depression- a great passion of mine. I also enjoy nurturing long-term friendships, spending time with family, and rocking out to Fleetwood Mac whenever possible. I look forward to seeing the future unfold in new and beautiful ways at Oak Tree Counseling and Wellness.

Contact Audrey at 208-817-0750.


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