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Oak Tree Counseling & Wellness is a group of likeminded professionals who utilize a wellness approach to life. Wellness is much more than just physical health or mental health alone. True wellness includes physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and social wellbeing. There are many benefits to examining various modalities in wellness. Oak Tree Counseling & Wellness is home to a remarkable group of independent wellness professionals offering psychotherapy, counseling, life coaching, massage therapy, acupuncture, and more.

For example, engaging in individual therapy to address concerns with anxiety will address the psychological and emotional components of wellness. But once therapy is coupled with massage and acupuncture you may find a whole new layer of healing. The nature of massage and acupuncture are to relieve the physical manifestation of anxiety and we all know anxiety is rarely just psychological in its effects. Each modality may be effective alone, but the benefits of utilizing various modalities of wellness used in conjunction with one another can be even more rewarding.

We hope that you find these various methods to be easily accessible by providing them in one convenient, safe, and professional place.

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